Growing Needs

Throughout our history, St. Joseph's has grown and changed with the communities we serve. Today, however, the growing need for quality health care has outpaced that of our hospital. We simply do not have the space or resources to provide every patient that walks through our doors with the care they deserve in a timely manner.

With the increase in patient volumes and medical diversity, many departments at St. Joseph's are working under a constant deficit in terms of the number of available beds, physicians and other resources. Additionally, our current layout makes patient transports from one department to another too lengthy in both distance and time.

While the impact of growing care needs is felt throughout St. Joseph's, the need for improvement is most drastic in our Emergency Department and Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program, where patients experience abnormally long wait times. We must also take a closer look at intensive care, operating and recovery rooms, infrastructure and more to ensure that we are providing optimal conditions for both patients and workers.

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