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Our green roof is growing!

Jul 22. 13

Thanks to all of the water and heat so far this summer, the 39,500 square-foot green roof atop the new emergency services building is in full bloom.

The roof does more than just look good, however. It reduces storm water runoff by retaining more than 550,000 gallons of water annually, in addition to the approximate 134,000 gallons (as much as a large swimming pool) retained during a large storm - like the ones we have been having recently! All of this water is prevented from going into the municipal storm sewer, reducing overflow and potential pollution.

Made up of an “intensive” type system with a shallow section, a roof membrane over insulation, protection fabric, drainage board system, growth media and plant material, ours is the largest green roof on any health care facility in the state.

The green roof is one part of St. Joseph's application for LEED certification at the silver level on our expansion projects, which also include daylighting, site drainage, and energy conserving systems, such as automatic lighting controls, low energy fluorescent lighting, high efficiency windows, electronic-controlled HVAC systems and high efficiency motors.


A majority of the funding for the project came from the New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation through the Green Innovation Grant Program, which St. Joseph's received in 2011.

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